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Dev Patel ascends to greatness and secures an unassailable lead atop the Skins alumni power rankings

Photo: Courtesy of A24

As the first clutch of title cards tell us, this is the tale of ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’… ‘A chivalric romance’… ‘by Anonymous’. And while the exact identity of the so called ‘Gawain poet’ has long been a mystery, their Arthurian tale, lesser known in cinema at least…

Photo by Martin Jack/Think Different Events Ltd.

Despite the government’s best efforts, I will not be ‘rethinking’, ‘reskilling’, or indeed ‘rebooting’ my way into a career in ‘cyber’. Having amassed nearly a decade of theatre directing experience, as well as recently rediscovering a knack for writing, I, like any enterprising millennial, would much rather repurpose my precious…

The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed the working lives of UK arts industry professionals. In a wide ranging series of interviews, conducted during the UK’s ‘hard’ lockdown, I learn how creatives have adapted their practice and daily routines in order to maintain their creativity, solvency and sanity.

My first four interviews feature a variety of musicians. First up is Jac Cooper, a composer for video games, theatre and film. While being mostly London-based since originally training as an actor at Bristol Old Vic, he spoke to me from Wales where he is locked down with his family…

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